Treatments and Prices


Mens manicure _______________  $20

Regular manicure Polish________   $25

French manicure ______________  $27

Anti-aging manicure ___________   $32

Little Princess manicure ________   $16

​Gel Polish manicure ___________   $43

Gel polish application only ______   $31

Striplac Manicure _____________   $35

Polish Change _______________   $16

Striplac application only ________   $23

Hand Mask with Heated glove ___   $18



Regular pedicure _____________  $46
Spa pedicure w/mask__________  $58
Polish on Toes _______________  $16
Hot rocks pedicure ___________  $58
Princess pedicure ____________  $20
Pedicure with Gel polish________ $64
Gel polish on Toes (Appl. only)___ $31
Foot Mask with Heated Bootie___ $20

Gel toes____________________  $49

Gel toes with pedicure_________  $79


Express Facial _______________   $25

Dermosthetique Express _______   $45

'Discovery Set' Eyelash extensions

The perfect price to try something new!

Little Princess Package

Gift for the young girls 9 yrs or younger

The Perfect Gift

Bring a friend and get 20% off

Have you been on the fence whether or not to try eyelash extensions? Well here is your opportunity ... at half the price... by a seasoned professional.

(this offer is limited to one style of misencil brand lashes)

​_______________________________   $75.00

For fun, awesome nails!

The Little Princess package includes:

Princess manicure w/striplac

​Princess toe polish

Includes nail design and a whole bunch of glitter !!

_______________________________   $ 35

The Perfect Gift package includes:

Gel nails for you

Gel nails for your friend




20% off on both services

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