Our pedicures are

a perfect way to relax

and get away from it all :)

The Best Pedicures in Montreal

Healthy feet start with the perfect pedicure at our Montreal Nail Bar, where we also offer numerous Spa services Including Hair, Make Up and Facials to name a few.


We northerners tend to think that pedicures are to make the foot look pretty in a sandal but this isn't exactly correct. Our feet need to be occasionally scrubbed of dead skin and our toes filed to feel comfortable in our shoes & boots.


At our Montreal West Island Nail Studio, we give a full service pedicure that will knock your socks off :). We include a full sea salt exfoliant and a use only the best creams from Alessandro Pedix Foot Care to hydrate and massage the foot. Nail polishes are available in 99 colours also from Alessandro.


Gel pedicures are also offered at Anton Designs by our well trained staff. We offer the 99 matching colours in gel polishes and gel toes.



What's the difference?.......

Some of us in Montreal refer to it as "shellac". However this word "shellac" is just a brand name for one of many gel polishs. Anton Designs team selected the Lac Sensation line from Alessandro because of its long- lasting performance which are available in 99 colours. It is applied like a polish and hardened in an UV or LED lamp in 90 seconds. You can enjoy your polished toe nails for up to 5 weeks! No-chipping, no- drying time, no waiting. How great is that!


Gel toes - What are gel toes?


This is a specialty of ours. At Anton Designs we can rebuild your damaged toes and make them look perfect again. For those of you who are embarrassed to wear open toed shoes because you are missing part of your toe nail, this is the perfect solution for you. Gel toes last 6- 8 weeks and is dry instantly in the UV lamps. Also available in French polish and 99 colours. Don't reconsider those shoes, reconsider your toes.



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